Collection: Tibetan cup stands - Trakya

Tibetan silver cup-stands with covers - “trakyas”.

Trakyas - are Buddhist ceremonial  cupstands with covers (generally made in silver), for holding teacups (made with silver, jade and agate, or porcelain), and used extensively in Tibetan homes.

The cup stand- consists of cup stand consists of a base of solid silver, which can be circular or polygonal in plan and tapers into a cylindrical foot to serve as the base to hold a teacup and a platform dish. Platform dishes come in various shapes - simple circular in plan and turned up at the edge, in the shape of petals turned up. The cover or lid is generally circular in plan and slightly smaller in plan than the platform dish and is tiered ( like a tiered cake) - generally two tiers; after the second tier, petal details come together to terminate at a tip for a base of a finial that holds a spherical semi precious stone or a detailed metal cap.

The tallest cupstand is reserved for the senior most person (in rank or age- as determined by the occasion), relatively plain cupstands are used in everyday life while grander cupstands replete with silver and gold with intricate carvings are reserved for special occassions, taller cupstands and polygonal bases for the males and shorter and circular bases are designed for women. The more masculine cupstands are made to look grand with carving details that stick out, the more feminine cupstands are made to look elegant with more subtle details that are more refined and etched.

Used for both domestic  and ecclesiastical occasions and by the clergy and layfolk alike depending on the occasion, trakyas are an important accessory in the Tibetan household and required on occasion- during religious and non religious ceremonies and events. The age, quality of materials, weight, level of details, the workmanship, artwork and the rarity of such work are all factored in its value.