Collection: Tibetan ghau

Ghaus -

Tibetan ghau’s come in a variety of sizes. Ghau - an amulet container - usually contains sacred relics, mantras on paper, images of deities and revered gurus, small statues or clay Tsa Tsa. Tibetan amulet containers come in many different shapes and sizes and could be used both as reliquary  or ornamental in jewerly.While ghau’s are reliquary, some ghau’s are worn as adornment by women. What sets these ghau’s apart are that they are ornamental with precious stones - turquoise and coral.Made with gold and other precious metals, ghaus become ornamental as opposed to reliquary.  These ghau’s are strung on thread with other beads and worn as a necklace.

Ghaus are also used widely as traveling shrines in Tibet and are carried by mostly men in their person and sometimes put in on the horses, to protect the wearer and their horses during travel. These ghaus measure 7” height x 6-1/2” width approximately and are made with silver. These ghaus are intricately carved with repousse work.